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Welcome to Sunfly.com! Here at Sunfly.com we take pride in operating flights to holiday destinations over Europe and a lot of islands around the world. We are a low-cost family airline looking to provide an excellent service. Here at this virtual organisation we will be operating flights in the Boeing 737-700, 900, 757-200, 767-300ER and Airbus A320. We are currently based at Humberside EGNJ, Shannon EINN, London Southend EGMC, Inverness EGPE and EGFF Cardiff and using our Smart Cars ACARS system hope to deliver you a great Virtual Airline experience. We have recently been officially added to the Aerosoft Virtual Airline Program where you can earn discount codes for certain Aerosoft products by flying for us . Feel free to join our Discord server at the top of the page where all pilots are welcome to talk with each other. We have recently received an official partnership with Jet2Virtual.com.We have now been operating for over a year and I would like to thank all our pilots who have flown in the past year and I look forward to many more in future! We hope you will your enjoy your time as a pilot at Sunfly.com and we wish you a pleasant journey.

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