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FSV'S new home is an ACARS flight trcking based system. If you want to track your flights and file flight hours you may choose from two different clients, XAcars and kACARS v1.0.11. Although FSV uses the ACARS system, members are not required to track their flight hours. The ACARS pirep system is available only if members want to track their hours. FSVintageAIR is a conglomerate of three virtual airlines, Classic American Airlines virtual, Pan American Airways and South Lake Tahoe virtual. FSV is in the spirit of the classic days of commercial aviation, encompassing the 1930's to the late 1960's Although the FSV fleet mainstays are the Douglas propliners FSV will implement some first generation jetliners. There are three divisions to FSVintageAIR. 1.Domestic Flights 2.International Flights 3.Bush Flights

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